Ladies Bible Studies

Ladies Bible Studies

Studying God's Word Together

We love the Word of God.  Our hearts' desire is to be led by Jesus through Scripture.  We have three or four studies happening each week, studying various parts of scripture at various times during the week.

Here's what we're studying starting September 2016:

ROMANS - Tuesdays, starting September 27th from 7 - 9 PM at Transcona Alliance Church  

Please join us as we read and work through the book of Romans as it explains and breaks down foundational truths instead of leaving them as big doctrinal and theological words.  The central theme is the Gospel, building on the OT and explaining the saving work of Christ in an individual's life.  Led by: Lana deVries


The Psalms: Beginning September 22nd, Thursdays 10-11:30 AM at Linette's 

The continuation of the book, Psalms, Songs Along the Way (Volume 1) by Kathleen Nielsen.  Kathleen skillfully leads by asking thought provoking questions, uncovers the beauty and depth of this book, and reveals the precious thread of the Gospel.  Even if you haven't been studying with us so far, each lesson is individual so we'd love to have you join us.  Led by: Linette Stanton


Women of the Bible: Every other Friday 1pm @ Lesley's

We will continue studying Women of the Bible who's lives can help us see how the decisions we make today will influence our lives and the lives of others in the future.  to make wise choices, we, like the women in the Bible must heed the words of god by learning and understanding what His words says.  Led by: Elaine Ford